Felix R.
I do suggest for any busy parent or great parent to consider this FUN place as educational and cultural center to enhance child learning skills, knowledge of Russian and English language, abilities to perform in singing and dancing, playing chess and most important to interact with other kids. I know several kids who are really flourishing after just few months attending this youth center, they do love staff and make their parents involved into friendly network among the related adults.
Neli R.
I can't say enough about Matryoshka for Kids Events. My grandson has been going there from very beginning over 2 yrs and make me happy to see his progress and childhood development from quite and reserve to a great performer. This real fun place is not only to celebrate kids birthdays, but also educational center which offers classes like drama, chess , music, dance and Russian language with highly professional teachers. The staff is experienced, widely skilled and encouraging kids to do more in friendly and loving manner. As a grandmother, I do appreciate he is involved with other kids and continue to advance in Russian language. Great place for kids and adults to connect.
Igor F.
My 6 year old nephew has been attending Matryoshka for about 2 years. I have watched a number of his performance there, and have been quite impressed by how he has transformed from a reluctant and shy toddler to an engaged and engaging performer. The general vibe is that of a supportive and loving community. The staff are themselves quite talented and see cultural education and encouragement of the children to develop and blossom as their mission. And, throughout this whole process the children are truly having fun!! I see Matryoshka as a important supplement to school, a place to experience and learn Russian culture, and perhaps a place to make lifelong friendships. Recommend without hesitation.
Alan P.
I have to say I was BLOWN AWAY!! The level of kindness that the staff at Matryoahka gave to my six year old son was beyond belief. He is a naturally shy boy who takes a long time to open up to both children and adults - that's just his nature. Within one week of classes he was coming home telling me how many friends he made and how he couldn't wait to go back to class. I couldn't believe it, this had never been my experience in the past - in fact it was the opposite. I had to come to a class to see it for myself. What I witnessed was a kind and patient teaching staff that had created a nurturing bubble for kids not only to be creative and express themselves but also a community that inspired friendship and child development. Whatever their special sauce is - it WORKS! I wish there were more places like this in LA.
Eve P.
My nephew celebrated his 7th birthday party almost a year ago at matryoshka and it was amazing. This year he wants his 8th birthday party to be celebrated at matryoshka but unfortunately we can't due to pandemic. The owners were so welcoming and made sure his birthday party was everything he wanted. Their attention to detail, their warm and welcoming attitude and the fun and exciting atmosphere left my nephew and his friends really happy. We couldn't be more thankful to the wonderful owners of matryoshka. My nephew also attends some classes at Matryoshka (drama class and chess). He has learned so much in the few months he has attended the classes. He made a lot of new friends as well. Even now, in these dark times, where it's so difficult to find a place for kids to socialize and be safe, matryoshka has been our safe haven. The owners go above and beyond to make sure all the protocols are followed and all the kids have a safe environment to learn and grow together.
Ruslana K.
This place is the best thing I have done for my daughter! She has been a part of this development center for two years now. The amount of growth, confidence, empathy, and friendships she made is unparalleled and I am so grateful to the caring staff. I watch the instructors treat the kids like their very own. By the way, the "bad" review doesn't have an ounce of truth. It's unfortunate that Yelp cannot screen for slander. Come to the center or see actual testimonials from parents and kids on their Facebook page! I know I will be the first one back to the center after pandemic!
David T.
This is an amazing kids center. The very best Russian center for kids in this part of Los Angeles. Kids are treated with dignity and respect. My children been going to this center since the opening. They learned so much and got so many friends. All I can say is thank you for administration and teachers for amazing job they have done and for the live they share with our children. Highly recommend this place to anyone